Fake Group

You chose to do what you did, but now that I know what you did, you’ve left me no choice.  You are all fired, and I am going to make a completely new Fleetwood Mac using musicians from a band that I put together.  You have gone through Bob Welch, Bob Weston, Danny Kirwan, Jeremy Spencer, and Peter Green and you can’t seem to hold onto any of your guitarists.  I had to cancel 25 shows just this year and I can’t take it anymore.  The fans are coming to hear your songs and they are coming for your name, not because they want to see you.  I have lined up these musicians and they will be the New Fleetwood Mac.  John McVie looked at Mick Fleetwood and they both said, “Nobody wants to see a fake band.”  I told them that the band is being put together with drummer Mick Fleetwood and singer Christine McVie joining them, so they won’t be completely fake.  They will perform as Fleetwood Mac on a U.S. tour, because the existing Fleetwood Mac group are not in a position to fulfil our outstanding contractual obligations.  I am looking at a new guitarist named Lindsey Buckingham and I think that he may make a nice fit for our group.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #90.

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  1. Some bands go through changes in personnel or reform with different musicians, and depending upon how prominent the individual band members were, sometimes those changes go largely unnoticed.

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