Suffering the Consequences

I hate my parents, and I think they are the worst.  I am stuck in this boarding school because I missed a few curfews and got caught vaping.  All the kids were doing it and I went along with them and now my parents think I need all new friends.  They said that this boarding school will help me to be better prepared for college life, but that is four years from now.  They keep droning on about this being a holistic approach to education that will grant me the space to develop new interests, make friends, grow my education, and give me the life skills that I will need to be successful.  They feel that a private education will give me unique learning opportunities, because of the smaller class sizes, and since this school is serious with discipline, meaning that I could be expelled in a heartbeat for any infraction if I am caught doing anything that goes against their codes of conduct, which is a rather long list.  Just look at these stupid uniforms that they make us wear and seriously there are no boys here, which takes away any interaction that I could have with the opposite sex.  They say this is done so we are less preoccupied with our appearance making us able to concentrate more on academics, but most of the girls that I know just want to have fun.  The don’t consider for on minute any of the negative consequences, like the disadvantage that I will be under having fewer opportunities to develop social skills with guys and the irrevocable loss of primary attachments and that this constitutes a significant trauma.  It is no wonder that all the girls in this school are being medicated.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #212.

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