I Enjoy Learning

Blogging helps to keep my mind active and I write about various topics.  I like responding to prompts, but I only respond to the ones that challenge me.  I stopped joining in on challenges where the host does not seem to care about what I have written for their challenge, because I put a lot of effort into my writing and I don’t like being ignored.  If the host is not courteous enough to click on the Like button for a post that I wrote as a response, then I am done with them.  Many people consider me to be a music blogger which I do write about often, but my favorite topics are where I can create stories or respond to intelligent questions.  I enjoy picture prompts and story starters, but they have to grab my attention and speak to me, so I can get started.  I also enjoy Fandango’s Provocative Questions, Sadje’s Sunday Poser and Reena’s Xploration Challenge, because these challenges all seem to be very different.  I am a research writer, and my curiosity keeps me writing every day.  I read a lot of blogs, but I usually skip the trivial posts which I feel have nothing to say, unless the writing is profoundly different.  I just finished writing my last A to Z post today and I am not sure if anyone will take the time to read any of them, but I did enjoy writing about math, philosophy, physics and science a lot.  I should write more about math and science, but I really need to get motivated to do that and it is much easier to do a Fibbing Friday.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #125 where she asks, “Do you have a favorite topic that you write about often?”

16 thoughts on “I Enjoy Learning

  1. I like to read your posts on picture prompts as they are always great. I have only started to also pay attention on your music challenges and posts, but I found that as usual you put a lot of effort. It’s amazing commitment. 👏🏽

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  2. Good post. I agree with what you wrote about putting forth the effort to participate in prompts. The hosts should comment, not jut like, in my humble opinion. One thing I’ve noticed is the kindness of your energy. It comes through in your posts and in your comments.

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