No Mystical Forces Making Us Do Anything

I am not big on the idea of fate, destiny, or karma being in charge of our lives and for the most part we have a lot of control over how we are going to turn out.  There is nobody pulling our strings, or any set plan that people must follow.  If you get off to a good start in life, that will give you more control about what type of person you will become.  If we don’t have good parents, or any parents, then we will be left at the mercy of everything that is trying to tear us down.  The decisions that you make in your life will have a greater impact than the circumstances that you face.  Life is not always easy, and anyone can end up in difficult situations, but we can control a lot of things in life.  If we want to be liked by others, then we must bathe, comb our hair, brush our teeth and be presentable, as nobody likes a slob.  If you want to be smart, then you must read, and pay attention in class.  If you are on page 86 in math class and the teacher is discussing a problem on page 92, you are most certainly going to be lost.

Since everyone has free will, we all have some control over what we eat, how long we sleep, where we go, and what we do.  You have control over how you think about yourself, so if you think you are a loser, there is a good chance that you may become a loser.  Every person has control over their own happiness, as it is just as easy to smile as it is to be sad.  People that feel they can control their own happiness are generally much happier than people who don’t think that have any control over this.  Having a positive attitude can take you a long way in life.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #118, oops #27 where she asks, “Do you think how we turn out is in our control?  Are we what we are made to be, or are we what we make of ourselves?”

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