Absolutely For the Birds

1.    COOT – This word is used to describe very old birds.

2.   DUNLIN – This is a character in The Angry Birds Movie.

3.   HOBBY – This is Big Bird’s cousin from the Muppets.

4.   KNOT – This is a type of swan that can twist their neck.

5.   RUFF – This is a bird that is trained for cockfighting.

6.   SCAUP – This is the name of the raven from Edgar Allen Poe’s poem.

7.   SERIN – This is Howard the Duck’s middle name.

8.   SMEW – This is the name of a penguin in the Happy Feet movie.

9.   SNIPE – This is the bird named Kevin in the movie Up.

10. TWITE – This is the name of Beep-Beep the Road Runner’s wife.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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