Soulless and Hollow

The world sucks and everything feels plastic and trivial and empty and tedious and insincere and indistinguishable to him.  Every book that he read, every movie he watched, and every time he turned on the news, it left him numb.  Sex wasn’t doing it for him anymore, because he felt like a hollow shell and the world kept on taking pieces of him away.  He had become desensitized and his whole world had turned grey, as he was stuck in a void of empty space that he could not escape.  His regrets over the past mistakes that he made, had finally swallowed up his soul.  He was paralyzed and not able to move forward in his life, as his burden was just too much for him to carry.  He packed up all of his regrets in a suitcase, hoping that by not being able to see them, that he might finally be able to ignore them.  However, that didn’t work, as he remained frustrated and unsettled, and he was constantly pondering what he should have done differently.  He knew that many other people had made mistakes and they were able to accept them and move on in their lives, but he just could not seem to forgive himself.  His wife had caught him cross-dressing, wearing her intimate garments and although he enjoyed doing this, now all he could feel was shame.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #171.

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