The Apology

As a gift recipient, I figured that I was supposed to open my present right on the spot and not have to wait for anything.  I have always enjoyed opening up presents, but I was so disappointed when my wife told me that this wasn’t for me.  I figured the gift was her way of showing me that she was thankful for me being in her life and I was so happy that she put so much time and effort into that gift for me.  That wonderful scent of chocolate hit my nostrils as soon as I opened it and I couldn’t resist trying a few of them.  You can’t blame me, as the sign told me to open it and how was I supposed to know that it wasn’t meant for me.  There was no gift tag stating who it was from and who it was for, so I just assumed it was for me.  I told my wife that I am very sorry for acting like a child with no self-control, and that I would go out and get another box of chocolates for her to give to her boss and I would wrap it up again for her.  She screamed at me and told me that these were special custom-made gourmet chocolates and that she had to wait 4 weeks to get them in the mail, so they were almost like irreplaceable.  These pure Belgian chocolates came in a unique stunning array of flavors, assortments and designs to ensure that her boss would feel truly special.  She talked with her boss’ wife to make sure that this personalized selection was exactly what he wanted and now everything was ruined.  I apologized again and then I told her how good these chocolates were knowing that I would be spending the rest of the week in the doghouse.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #166.

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  1. If it was such an exclusive present, she should have put a tag on it and kept it separately. Great story Jim. Now I’m craving chocolates. Thanks for joining in.

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