A Whole Lot of Chocolate

1.Do you have a favorite outfit you like to wear?
I basically wear the same thing every day.  It is warm in Florida, so I wear shorts and I have several pairs that are all very similar.  Almost all my shirts are the same style being 3 button tee shirts with a pocket.  My underwear is all the same style, but different colors.

2. What is the worst thing you were forced to wear as a child (school uniforms aside)?
I was diagnosed as being bow-legged as a child and I had to wear metal braces on my legs at night to straighten them out.  My dad said that when I was walking it looked like I just got off of a horse and there was a big enough gap between my legs to roll a barrel through them.  I hated having to wear them and I cried every night when my parents strapped them on to my legs.  They made me take this awful tasting medicine before I went to bed, which really sucked.

3. Do you have a sweet tooth, and if so, are you a chewer, cruncher, or sucker?
I enjoy sweet snacks and I am allowed 2 snacks every day.  I usually have a Danish after my breakfast and before my lunch.  At night if my blood sugar is low, I could treat myself to pie or ice cream, but most of the time, I usually have a frozen yogurt pop.  I chew, crunch and suck, depending on what I am consuming.

4. Do you think you could eat your weight in chocolate?
That would be a whole lot of chocolate.

Written for Di’s Share Your World.

10 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Chocolate

    1. I still have a faint memory of wearing those leg braces every night, but I think it only lasted for about a year and then my walking improved. I love chocolate but eating several hundred pounds of it is out of the question.


  1. Do you have a sweet tooth, and if so, are you a chewer, cruncher, or sucker? – I tend to treat myself once or twice a week with a bar of chocolate with hazelnuts in it. That makes me a sucker AND a cruncher! in that order 🙂

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