Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I don’t think that I would enjoy being in the spotlight all the time and a lot of celebrities feel the same way and that is why some of them become recluses.  15 minutes of fame would be good enough for me as I would hate to have constant attention.  There are some nice perks to being a celebrity like getting special treatment everywhere they go, or being offered exclusive opportunities, but I am sure I can live without that.  It is like that proverb says, “people in glass houses shouldn’t sink ships.”  When you don’t live your life in the limelight, people are fair game and you can say anything that you want about anyone, but since celebrities live in glass houses and everyone pays attention to what they are doing and saying, they must be politically correct all the time and they can’t be themselves.  Nobody would care if I had a White nationalist, a Holocaust denier, and an antisemite over my house for dinner, not that I would ever do that.  Some Republicans thought their precious leader was wrong for doing that, but very few spoke out against him, fearing that he would harm their careers.  Along with the fame that celebrities enjoy, comes great responsibility, and they have an obligation to exercise their influence sensibly.  To continue to be liked, celebrities must live perfect lives and uphold certain standards that are expected by decent people.  Their fame forces them to live in a gilded cage and I am not interested in that type of sacrifice.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #192 which asks, “If you could, would you want to be famous if it meant sacrificing your personal life and privacy? Why or why not?”

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