Inherently Intrigued

He couldn’t believe that she was dumping him just because she found out… he watched a gay porn video with his buddies.  Jake was playing poker with his friends and when he got back home, his wife Shella asked him how his evening was.  Jake felt guilty because one of the guys turned on a gay porn video, so he mentioned that to Shella.  She didn’t mind that her husband was watching porn, but she wondered if Jake was more interested in other men than he was in her.  Jake told her that watching gay porn allowed him to explore sexual curiosities and taboos that he would never do in real life and that he was not wrestling with his identity.  Shella wondered if it was a sign that he wanted to try new things in the bedroom, or if he was more interested in enjoying the male bonding that comes with sitting around with his buddies while his pants were down and playing another guy’s joystick, although he never mentioned doing that.  She knew that no one could choose their sexuality and not all men experience attraction in the same way.  Shella thought that if Jake was heteroflexible, being inherently intrigued by other men, that would be different, but since Jake wasn’t ashamed about his behavior, then why should she be.  What Jake and his friends do when they get together should not be a reason for dumping him, but she did not want to be known as the girl that couldn’t give him what he needed.  She would be devastated if he ever decided to leave her for another dude.  Shella decided that she would give Jake another chance, because at least he was not lying to her.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #74.

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