Make Love Not War

Making sure that I answer comments is very important to me, because I care about the people who take their time to make comments on my posts.  I check my spam to see if any comments get lost there, because I crave the interaction that comments bring to my posts.  When I respond to comments, it almost guarantees that that the person who left them will come back to visit my blog again.  I want to build a good relationship in the blogging community and responding to comments is essential for doing this.  I try to respond positively to all the comments that I receive on my blog, but some of them are difficult to deal with.  If I write a post about a musical artist that you don’t care for, I prefer that you don’t comment, instead of saying something negative.  It is easy to pick fights and hard to get along, so I try to never leave any derogatory comments on other bloggers posts.  People are opinionated and they want to say what they want to say, but I wish they would focus their comments on my writing, instead letting me know how they feel.  If I get ridiculous comments on my blog, or comments that I think are in bad taste, I will delete them, but mostly I look forward to all the comments that I get.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #108, where she asks us, “How important it is to you to answer comments on your blog posts?”

8 thoughts on “Make Love Not War

  1. I’ve been lucky for the most part…I haven’t had to delete many comments at all. I don’t mind of people saying I don’t like that or pointing out a mistake I made as long as they do it with some respect.
    I may comment and say I’m not a fan but that is it.

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