Alfred cursed himself for never learning how to type, because he was a writer, and everything took that much longer when he had to look at the keys.  He knew the alphabet and he thought the typewriter keys should follow that arrangement, but no, as the structure of the keyboard was determined years ago by Christopher Latham Sholes.  He read that this layout prevented the early typewriters from having mechanical jams and it also made it easier for transcribing Morse code, but nobody was sending telegraphs anymore.  Alfred was able to type about 8 words a minute because he didn’t learn about the home row, or that his fingers should be placed in their starting position, so all this made it difficult for him to find the desired key.  Alfred had thoughts in his head, but he had trouble getting them on paper, because he was always hitting the wrong letters and his fingers had no muscle memory, which just made him feel stupid.  Alfred was determined to finish his novel even if it killed him and it did,

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #194.

12 thoughts on “QWERTY System

      1. Hey it worked…. what surprised me is I graduated in 1985 and in 95 I got my first computer and it all came back to me. The best class I ever took as far as being useful.

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