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I don’t have the ambition to read books, so I read a lot of music related magazine articles that catch my eye at the grocery store when I am at the checkout.  I know that they are a lot more expensive than reading books, but short articles hold my attention span better.  Last week I bought two magazines, and I am still reading them.  I got the Life magazine Motown issue Music That changed America that went on sale on October 4, 2022, and next week I will be doing a Motown theme for Song Lyric Sunday, so this was good timing.  I found it too hard to resist getting the Rolling Stone magazine Special Collectors Edition Grateful Dead The Ultimate Guide which initially was released in September 2021 when I saw it looking at me.  I glanced at this, and I will be reading it after I finish the Motown magazine.  I know that I should read books and even when magazines say that they are collector’s editions, I probably won’t go back and read them again.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #107, where she asks us, “Do you like to reread old favorites again?”

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  1. I probably have ask you before so forgive me….Jim…I have a two hour trip daily to work…one hour each way and I do audio books. Have you ever tried them? That is something you might like. If I like the audio book I will sometimes buy the hardback version or the E-Book because if a book is good I will read it twice. I read the Bill Kreutzmann book twice…once audio and the other time E-Book.

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