Deep In Prayer

All around him, he saw pain, the world was falling apart, people were dying from hunger and living in poverty, conflicts were causing despair and natural disasters were everywhere he looked.  He needed to feel a connection with the supreme being to have hope back in his life, so he decided to pray.  There was no sound, and his lips did not move, but he felt a deep connection speaking from his heart to the Heavenly Father.  He was certain that God knew about all the problems that were plaguing his life and he prayed to gain an understanding on why there was so much suffering in the world.  He wanted answers about why he lost his job, why somebody smashed into his new car, why his wife left him, and if all these seemingly insurmountable roadblocks were God’s way of testing him, like what happened in the Book of Job.

Initially, Job did not blame God for his troubles, but he did feel it was unjust that he had to endure so much.  A man can only take so much suffering, and blaming God is a part of life, so we all do it when hard times come.  He tried to hold back his anger as he realized that God does not enable man to understand everything perfectly or completely that He must deal with daily.  Comfort and peace would not come from comprehending everything about God, but he could obtain this by being obedient and believing that God has his best interests in mind.  He wished that he could be more like Abraham who did not hesitate to obey God when he was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac, but those were different times when God spoke with humans.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #160, where the Image credit comes from Pavel Danilyuk@ Pexels.

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