Prompt Responses

Hosting prompts is vital for the blogging community, as by holding the interest of other writers, it becomes the most important reason for the community to exist.  Without prompts, we would all be individuals, doing our own thing and hardly anyone would get to know anyone else.  Prompts are an indispensable and a vital part of blogging, so much so that they can be considered the life’s blood of the WordPress Community as they contribute to the continuing success and existence of what makes blogging so much fun.  It is a sad day for all bloggers today with the news of Melanie passing, but I was proud to read all the posts from her close friends interacting with each other through this difficult time.  Melanie went by the nickname Sparky, and she definitely added her certain flare to everything that she wrote.  I feel proud to be part of this blogging community and most of my posts are inspired by other bloggers who created interesting prompts for me to respond to.  If I respond to a prompt, I always give credit to the host.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #105 where today she asks, “Do you give credit to the blogger who inspired your post?”

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