Killed By Tractor

It was a great concert, and he partied the whole time he was at the Woodstock Music Festival.  He had three days of music, mud, and memories, with Hendrix closing the show on Monday morning August 18, 1969, at 11:15 am, and after that he went back to his tent, but he couldn’t find it.  All of his friends had disappeared, he was hungry and had no idea where the car that he arrived in was located.  The whole event was chaotic from the beginning to the end.  So many people flooded into the festival grounds that the promoters had to stop checking tickets and make the concert free admission, because they were too overwhelmed.  Suffering through traffic jams for hours and getting dosed with something that he drank that was laced with LSD was not what he wanted.  He did get to see a bunch of topless women and some completely naked girls which was a first for him, but the whole general atmosphere was memorable.  These hippies gave him a granola bar and then he smoked some hash with them, which made him really tired.  He found a discarded sleeping bag laying on the ground and decided to take a nap in it.  He finally got some well-deserved rest that he really needed.  The next day it was a foggy morning, and he was still sleeping when a tractor came by to clean up the debris and that is how he met his demise.

Written for KL Caley’s Thursday Write Photo – Tractor – Image by KL Caley.

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