Thursday Inspiration #181 How Will I Know

Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word clouds, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘How Will I Know’, or by going with another song by Whitney Houston, or anything else that you think fits.  Whitney Houston was an American singer and actress who seemed destined from birth to be a star singer with her mother being Emily “Cissy” Houston having a successful career singing soul and gospel as a backup singer before going on to her own solo career.  Her cousin Marie Dionne Warwick is also an American singer, actress, and television host that ranked among the 40 biggest U.S. hit makers between 1955 and 1999, based on her chart history on Billboard’s Hot 100 pop singles chart and she became the second-most charted female vocalist during the rock era.  In 1985 at the age of 22, Whitney Houston released her self-titled debut album and the song ‘How Will I Know’ went to #1 in the US and it reached #5 in the UK.  Whitney’s first four albums, released between 1985 and 1992, amassed global sales in excess of 86 million copies and she was nicknamed “The Voice”.

‘How Will I Know’ was written by the American pop singer-songwriters George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam, who are also known as Boy Meets Girl.  The Seattle natives met at a wedding where they were both hired to perform, and they ended up getting married to each other.  In 1985, they released their eponymous debut album which featured the single ‘Oh Girl’, but it was writing this song for Whitney that got them noticed.  Boy Meets Girl were asked to write a song for Janet Jackson’s third studio album, and they came up with ‘How Will I Know’, but Janet’s people passed on it, feeling it wasn’t right for her Control album.  Gerry Griffith was a former Arista Records A&R rep who came across Houston when she was just a teenager singing in a smoky club in New York City and Brenda Andrews at Irving Music publishing company a publishing house for the Boy Meets Girl A&M Records played the demo for A&R icon Griffith when he was in Los Angeles gathering material for the unknown Whitney Houston.  Griffith passed it along to Clive Davis who signed Whitney at the age of 19 and took the helm of her career.  Boy Meets Girl didn’t know Whitney or Clive, but soon after this song was recorded, George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam received a phone call from their friends Alan and Preston Glass who played this song for them, and they almost fell on the floor because it sounded so good.  Clive chose Narada Michael Walden to be the producer and he made significant musical additions to this song and took it to new heights with his punchy bright production.  Walden was an integral part of introducing Whitney Houston, (producing 6 of her 7 #1 hits to break Michael Jackson’s record).

Backing vocals on this song were done by Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston and Mary Canty also sang background vocals.  Preston Glass played synthesizer and he won six BMI Awards.  This is a very innocent song where Houston sings about trying to decide if a boy she likes will ever like her back.  It can be difficult to determine if the person that you just met is going to be the right person for you or not, but when you meet the right guy, he will make you feel good when you’re with him, he will be honest and trustworthy, and he should treat you nicely when you’re alone with him or when you go out in public together.  In spite of the troubles that Whitney encountered with drug use and an abusive husband, she was named the most-awarded female artist of all time by Guinness World Records in 2006.

There’s a boy I know, he’s the one I dream of (he’s the one I dream of)
Looks into my eyes, takes me to the clouds above, mm
Ooh, I lose control, can’t seem to get enough (can’t seem to get enough)
When I wake from dreaming, tell me, is it really love?

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  1. It was so sad that Whitney died in such tragic circumstances.

    One of my favourite Paul Weller tracks:

    Autumn blew its leaves at me
    Threatening winter as I walked
    Summer always goes so quick
    Barely stopping like my thoughts

    Which dip and spin and change so fast
    I have to wonder, will I last

    Through the windows of the train
    I caught reflections of a paper cup
    Hanging small in a pale blue sky
    Never knowing which way’s up

    Above the clouds, what’s to be found
    I have to wonder, will I be around

    As my anger shouts at my own self doubt
    So a sadness creeps into my dreams
    When you’re scared of living but afraid to die
    I get scared of giving and I must find the faith to beat it
    Yeah, yeah yeah

    Must be me that’s rushing by
    Time just lingers on the wind
    Bristlin’ through my open fears
    I wonder what it’s going to bring

    Above the clouds, what’s to be found
    I have to wonder, will I be around

    Run and hide, run and hide
    I catch the sail at evening tide
    Run and hide, run and hide
    I catch the sail at evening tide

    Run and hide, run and hide
    I catch the sail at evening tide

    Source: Musixmatch

    Songwriters: Paul Weller

    Above the Clouds lyrics © Stylist Music Ltd.

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