Restoring Political Order in the UK

The Liz Truss saga ended this morning with her announcement that she would resign her position as the Prime Minister of the UK, as soon as a replacement is found.  I guess the UK will put an advertisement in the paper to see who wants to run the country, no just joking, as it is not clear yet how that is going to happen.  Liz Truss will become Britain’s shortest-serving prime minister ever, after announcing her intention to resign just six weeks into a disastrous term that pitched Britain deep into political and economic turmoil.  Her economic agenda sent markets into panic and led to a fall in the value of the pound.  It is difficult for people in the US to understand UK politics, but basically, she screwed up big time and if she didn’t resign, she may have been given the boot, because everyone lost confidence in her ability to lead.  Liz Truss faced a sordid investigation amid claims she failed to declare shady donations related to her leadership campaign in her first few weeks as the Prime Minister, while promising to deliver a higher-growth, more prosperous United Kingdom.

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  1. I’m not sure that investigation was all that sordid, or maybe I’m just so inured to the corruption innate in our Conservative Party. News reports here suggest that the leadership contest will be short tracked to get a new PM by tomorrow week, and that Johnson is intending to stand. Just when you thought that an appalling mess couldn’t get any worse!


      1. I feel bad for all of us Brits Jim. We’re shafted all ways. Hubby and I are luckier than many, but as pensioners, we will be on the receiving end of a raw deal if once again they cancel the Triple Lock, which should see state pensions rise by the rate of inflation, currently 10.1%, next April. There is no end in sight to the current madness of rising energy bills, the cost of living, fuel costs, our NHS and now a shortage of some medicines.

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  2. Everyone saw this coming in some ways. And I don’t really care about it but feel for common folks in UK who don’t know what is going to happen when winter strikes and energy bills skyrocket. Disaster.

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    1. The Raving Loony Party aresorely missed. I’m not sure a general election is such a good idea – which muppet does one vote for? Given there is Putin looming we need a strong leadership that the country wuld be willing to stand behind. Not seeing it in any we got

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  3. Too bad Trump, after he was president for six days, didn’t resign. But then we would have had Mike Pence as POTUS. Well, at least we’re not the only country with fucked up politics.

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  4. God, it is a total shambles; May was bad, Johnson worse and Truss plunged the Pound, lost face and any vestige of belief from her ‘loyal’ MPs when she U-turned quicker than a Mini on an icy roundabout. 45 days from being anointed Leader by her party to bailing before she gets the boot. Talk about flaming out!

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