Sensory Overload

Looking at this picture helps me to calm down when I get overstimulated, as sometimes it becomes difficult for my brain to process all the information it is gathering.  The 100 billion neurons that are connected to more than 500 trillion points through synapses that travel 300 miles/hour allow my brain to process around 70,000 thoughts each day and not all of them are about sex.  It can become difficult for me and sometimes it is near impossible to fully process all of the information that I am receiving.  This picture has a great composition of colors and balance that always calms me down, while it nourishes my creative juices and tells me that I can respond to this prompt.  It is a picture of my wooden table with my orange knit scarf laying on it.  My mom knitted that scarf for me when I was reading Lord of the Rings.  I told my mom that Bilbo had a scarf which he got from Elrond, and it has magical properties that made it always smell good.  My mom told me that she didn’t have any magical powers, but that she would wash it for me when it needed it, and I always treasured this scarf, and I wore it every winter.  My cup of coffee is also sitting on the table in this photo, and when you think about it, life is like a cup of coffee, but most people just concentrate on the cup, and they fail to enjoy the coffee.  I took this photo with my Cannon camera and the leather camera case is in the picture.  There is also a pen, and some paper, and a black and white photograph.

I had just trimmed my Wandering Jew plant and some of the withering leaves that were still attached to their long stems were also laying on this table.  The Wandering Jew is a myth about a man who became immortal, because he taunted Jesus while he was carrying his cross on the way to be crucified, so he was cursed to walk the Earth until the Second Coming, which is described in Revelation.  I don’t think that story has anything to do with the plant, but I like stories, so I threw that in.  I heard that Trump attacked the American Jews and said that they better get their act together, because no President had done more for Israel than he has.  Trump said that it would show disloyalty for any Jew to vote for a Democrat and he feel that he should have stronger Jewish support.  Trump actually thinks that he could be the next Prime Minister for Israel, but he lives in a fantasy world.  Maybe I should stop following the news, because it seems like I am getting more input from my five senses than my brain can sort out and process.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #189.

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