If You Had All the Money in the World

What does it take to make you happy?  If you could afford to buy anything that you desire, but you were constipated all the time and your belly pain just wouldn’t quit and your bloating kept coming back, I don’t think that you would be too happy, as you would be spending most of your day on the toilet, or else in adult diapers.  Having your health and having some money are both important for your happiness, but you need a balance between the two extremes to find true happiness.  Most people will say that health is more important than wealth, but if you live your life in poverty, you will probably be miserable.  If you are too sick to appreciate the money that you have accumulated, then it isn’t doing you much good.  Health is something that you always need to maintain, and money is something that will help you to sustain hardships.  You can lose your money and your health if you don’t pay attention to the world around you, but I think that it is easier for a person to become unhealthy, that is unless you are a chronic gambler, which can be considered a disease.  Some people are born with money and money has a way of becoming more money with interest accruing and the proper investments.  If you chase after money your whole life and in the end, you have a great deal of cash, but you are in no shape to spend any of it, then what was it all about?  Poor health often comes with pain, which nobody wants and if you have always been poor, it is hard to miss something that you never had.  Money is tempting, but nothing beats a healthy life.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #102.

17 thoughts on “If You Had All the Money in the World

  1. Very wise choice Jim. I appreciate the reasoning behind your argument too. Money is good but feeling good is even better than that. To be practical , a balance between the two is ideal. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Having a lot of money can cause you problems also if you are not accustomed to it. I’ve heard of people winning the lottery only to end up paranoid because everyone wants to get it. It’s hard to buy good health…well impossible almost.

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