It is inevitable that I will have to interact with certain individuals who are miserable, bitter, gloomy, or just unpleasant, but mostly I try to avoid unsavory types and if I can’t, then I will ignore them.  It is hard to avoid thinking about someone who is suffering from an illness or an affliction, and other than donating to charity, I really don’t know how to help them.  Sometimes I see beggars at stop lights with signs asking for donations, but I read that a lot of these people are fakes, and they make more money than I do, so I usually drive right past them.  If they are missing a limb, then I would have more sympathy for them, but I feel that most beggars are probably just too lazy to get a job.  If I give money to the panhandler, then they might just use it to buy drugs, so I think the money would be better spent on a legitimate charity.  One person can’t help everyone, and I can only give what I feel I am comfortable giving.  I don’t want to be seen as someone that is inhumane, but I don’t know what is causing their anguish.  I want them to be happy and I want their suffering to end, but I have my own problems to deal with, so I see that them going through a bad patch or falling on hard times as just being part of life.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #100, where she asks us, “When you see someone in misery do you avoid thinking about it or do you do something about it?”

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  1. Thanks Jim for sharing. Yes, we really can’t judge a person by looking at them as whether they’re really needy or just faking it. Giving to a reliable charity is better in my opinion

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  2. I’m very cynical about people begging… but I have given them some and they probably used it to drink…but I think that maybe just maybe I might help someone who needs it.

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