The Drag Race

There has always been a sibling rivalry going on between me and my younger brother.  He was better at sports, and he had a lot more girlfriends, but the one thing I excelled at was driving.  The first night I got my permit, my dad let me take his VW bug out and I went through a trial by fire.  My friends bought a case of beer, and they told me to get on the highway, where they all started passing joints around.  My abilities to perform well under pressure were being tested and this ordeal was my initiation to handling the road.  One night my brother had my dad’s car, and I had my mom’s car, and this arrogant bastard had the nerve to tell me that he was a better driver than I was.  I wasn’t going to stand for that, so I said the race is on and I was going to prove to him that I could kick his butt.  We started out even on this two-lane street, where there was no other traffic.  We were both doing 50 when the road started to narrow, because people were parked on each side of the street.  I decided to floor it and I was ahead by a half a car length when a black cat ran out in front of me.  I pulled in front of my brother, but he wasn’t having it and he rammed into the side of me.  Both my mom’s car and my dad’s car were wrecked, and I knew that we would both catch hell.  To top it off a cop came and gave me a ticket for drag racing and then I woke up and realized that it was just a dream.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Dream Interpretation #10 ~ Driving Dreams hosted by Paula.

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    1. Her hair reminds me of David Partridge (Cassidy of course). It’s part of the show. Anyway, the song is fun in context.


      1. Yea I’ve seen it…it can get ugly. I only have a big sister that is 8 years older and we never got cross with each other much at all.

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