Ragged Covid Look

When the pandemic and its associated lockdowns arrived, my hairdresser quit and I soon found myself growing a bit shaggy.  I always felt that proper grooming was important and during this time of uncertainty, I still wanted to look regal, being the king of the jungle and all that.  My hair is porous, and it tends to trap viruses in it, so the likelihood of me spreading it to someone else is very improbable.  I don’t feel sick and my temperature is normal, although I don’t know why they insist on taking that rectally.  Even if I did have the Rona, there is no evidence that I would be able to spread this virus to people.  My normal groomer was terrified of risking her health by coming in to work in the face this pandemic, so I have to suffer with this scroungy look till they can find a replacement and not many people want to get close with a lion.  The last thing that I want is anyone saying that I have a mangy mange.  I also need someone to trim my nails and brush my teeth, well at least I am still getting fed.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #153, where the Image credit comes from Arleen Wiese @ Unsplash.

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  1. Saw your comment about the haircut theme over on my blog. Sure glad I checked you out before giving you the go ahead. I’m going to let you in but you must promise to wear a mask. 😉

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