Multiple Prompts

Most of my posts are responses to prompts and the few that aren’t are my posts for the challenges that I host. By responding to prompts, you create a bond with the other bloggers here on WordPress and I think it is fun. I try to read what the other bloggers came up with when they respond to the same prompts which I did. It can also be very challenging, as you need to read the prompt and then analyze it, to see how you can fit it into your post. Sometimes the story will come to you quickly and you can write an immediate response, but other times you may struggle, not knowing just how you are going to use this particular prompt. I feel that writing prompts are great ways to spark my imagination and get me writing about a particular topic. Being able to respond to multiple prompts in the same post is an important skill, but by doing this, it will also make it more difficult for your writing.

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Writing a single post to respond to multiple prompts is very common here on WordPress, and I equate it to killing two birds with one stone.  I have never seen anyone write about this topic before, so I figured that I would add my thoughts on this today.  There are several writing challenges here that use more than one word as the prompt, like the Three Things Challenge that was started by Theresa the Haunted Wordsmith who left WordPress and became The Word Cubby.  This prompt gives you three unrelated words to use, and you make up a story or a poem that puts them all together.  Paula at Light Motifs II took over as the host of this challenge after Theresa left and she passed it on to Di of pensitivity101 who has been hosting this for much longer than anyone else.  The other challenges that are similar to…

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7 thoughts on “Multiple Prompts

    1. Yes, that was my thing at one time Punam. I think I wrote a post that was a response to 27 different prompts once. I thought that my story was suffering because the prompts were driving it and now, I hardly ever do that anymore.

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