Constant Chronic Headaches

Headaches are one of the world’s most common conditions, as every year, almost half of the adults in the world will experience this.  Adalynn was able to get temporary relief from the pain by squeezing her head with both of her hands, while her fingers were outstretched.  This pressure that she applied usually worked, but if it didn’t then she would take out her trusty elastic band and secure it around her head with Velcro to keep a constant pressure on her brain.  The main problem with this, was that when she finally released the elastic band there was a good chance that her pain severity would steadily increase.  Adalynn had been experiencing severe headaches her whole life and she tried everything to get rid of them.  None of the over-the-counter medications seemed to help her and she even tried Botox injections, but this treatment didn’t help either.  She applied ice packs and heating pads and none of these methods worked for her.  Adalynn purchased this device that she saw on the internet which gives off a magnetic pulse to stimulates part of her brain, while she held it against the back of her head, but this turned out to be a gimmick and it did nothing to relieve her pain.  The only thing that seemed to help were the do-it-yourself scalp massages that she gave herself, but this was a hope and pray remedy, as it didn’t work all the time.

Shocking, excruciating, life-denying, throbbing horrible migraines have haunted Adalynn since she was ten years old.  The pain made her eyes water and drove her into her bed, where she would hide from the world, to escape the torment that she suffered on a daily basis.  When she was young, her migraines were bad, but over time, they got worse.  The throbbing pains in her head were occasionally manageable, but when they got bad, all she wanted to do was be alone and away from everyone and everything.  They became more frequent, they lasted longer, and the pain steadily worsened till her migraine attacks disrupted her whole life.  The pain rendered her totally useless as a functioning person and the realization that they could hit her at any time influenced all of her decisions and her actions.  The sheer unpredictability of her migraines made it impossible for her to work, or to socialize with anyone.  She lived in fear, not knowing when to expect the next attack.  Her last hope was to enter this study that she found on the internet where she would be part of a small trial group of volunteers to undergo an observational analysis and take part in this clinical trial.  Details of this study were being kept confidential, but she had to sign a release form in case she had an adverse reaction to the doses of this new drug they were testing.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #185.

18 thoughts on “Constant Chronic Headaches

  1. I’ve never had a migraine but I do periodically get visual auras, which I’m told is a symptom of migraines. Fortunately a few Advil will take care of the visual auras quickly and a migraine never develops. I hope the study works for Adalynn to give her some relief.

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