Without Reservations

I think that living boldly means that you will do things despite the consequences.  You may consider the consequences, but you are going through with your original plan even though you know that it could be risky.  For instance, take social distancing and wearing a mask during the pandemic, a person that decides to live their life boldly would probably not cut back on socializing and throw caution to the wind not even considering the danger of coming down with Covid.  Maybe they have already contracted Covid, and it did not affect them that much, so they think it is no worse than getting a cold, thus they have pushed aside all their fears about getting sick.  The same could be said about safe sex and people not wearing condoms when they are with people that they don’t know that well, as these people feel confident, and they are ready to take on anything that comes their way.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #98, where she asks us, “What does it mean to live boldly?”

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  1. I think perhaps one can live boldly with a bit of caution thrown in. Personal safety should be the priority of even bold people. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jim. 😂

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