Windshield Wipers Slapping Time

1.What is a bandana?
In the Janis Joplin song ‘Me And Bobby McGee’ a bandana was to hold the harmonica.  “I pulled my harpoon out of my dirty red bandanna, I was playing soft while Bobby sang the blues.”

2. What is a rum baba?
This is what happens to Kate Bush when she drinks rum.

3. What is a marinade?
Jeffrey Dahmer would season the people he killed before he ate them.  He used salt, pepper, and A1 steak sauce as a marinade.

4. What is an asset?
These are pants that have water cushions for your butt and sometimes they are called liquid assets.

5. Who was Apollo?
He fought Rocky Balboa.

6. What is meant by BYOB?
We are all going to hell but you must “Bring Your Own Bucket”.

7. What is a pekingese?
The pecking geese are also called Canada Geese.

8. What is a crockpot?
This is the result of menstrual cramps.

9. What is meant by upbeat?
This is how cave men selected their wives.

10. What does it mean to recycle?
This is when you marry again after getting divorced.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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