TGIF Gift Horse

The age of a horse can be determined by determining the length of their teeth, so if you look into the mouth of a horse that you got as a gift, this would rude, because it would be seen as though you were questioning the value of the gift.  I am getting up there in years and people have described me as being long in the tooth, but no one has gone so far as to estimate my age by examining my incisors.  Why did I put you through this long beginning, well that is because I wanted to write in Paula’s TGIF post, which she reminded everyone today that this is an actual prompt challenge.  I am not particularly elated that it is Friday and that is attached to a three-day weekend, because I am retired and it doesn’t mean all that much to me anymore, like it used to when I was working.

What I am happy about is that the US Treasury sent me a $500 check for taxes that I overpaid, and it was a total surprise to me.  When I called my sister and told her about this check, she said that maybe it was a scam and that I probably shouldn’t cash it, but I didn’t want to find fault with something that has been received as such a nice gift that I could really use.  I brought it to my bank and deposited it in my checking account, as I didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth.  The money came in real handy as I just spent $1,100 on my car, because it needed a new water pump.

Written for Paula’s TGIF challenge~ Sand Dude.

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