Picking Up the Pieces

Joe and Carla are still practicing social distancing, and they have picked up a new hobby, assembling jigsaw puzzles.  They have the finished picture on the puzzle box, so all they need is patience to finish this.  COVID-19 threw their lives out of whack and doing these puzzles together gives them a sense of control over the outcome.  It will take time and effort to complete this, but this challenging experience will provide them with the feeling of accomplishment when it’s finished.  In these uncertain times, seeing a pile of pieces come together as a finished puzzle is extremely satisfying.  Joe and Carla laid out the puzzle on a rug, so they could both be comfortable putting this together.  Joe looks at this as a good way to cozy up with Carla and they both enjoy seeing the patterns come together.  Carla seems to enjoy the snuggling also.

They have the perfect amount of lighting for this task, and they started out by turning all of the pieces picture side up.  Since it is easy to identify the edge pieces from the center pieces, they figured this was a good way to start and then they could work inward.  Next, they sorted the pieces based on the pattern and color, so they could work within the framework.  The texture, or shape of the puzzle piece, is what allows them to line up with each other and they decided to work in small sections of the puzzle, knowing that some sections would be easier and faster to assemble.  When they got stuck, they would start on a new section.  This particular puzzle contained a lot of pieces, so they knew it would be difficult, but they were both resolved to not give up till it was completed.  They took breaks for the bathroom and to enjoy sodas and snacks and getting up allowed them to look at the puzzle from different angles giving them a fresh perspective which usually helped.  When completed it would be a picture of the riot that took place at the Capital on January 6th and even though there were a lot of pro Trump signs in it, they were both glad that the puzzle did not show the face of the most pathetic man in America.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #182.

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