My Dad is Black

I asked my mom why I am brown, and my brother is black, and she told me that I got my color from her and that my brother got his color from my dad.  She told me that ponies are not monogamous animals, and that after we mate, we do not establish lifelong relationships, so that is why I have never met my father.  She told me that my dad was just part of the heard that got lucky one night and hooked up with her.  Mom told me that she doesn’t mind at all that my dad is seeing other ponies, as she considers herself to be part of the harem and she will allow the most dominant male to take her whenever he desires.  This is not the life that my mom selected for herself, it is just the way things are done if you want to stay in the heard, thus where this alpha goes, the others follow.

Mom told me that my dad was an affectionate lover, who showed her plenty of physical affection by nuzzling her and they did some mutually grooming by facing each other and rubbing up against each other and nipping each other with their teeth.  She said that my dad stroked her sides with his face, blew on her, nibbled and otherwise teased her while she was poised to jump away.  However, she stood, and assumed a breeding stance by raising her tail thoughtfully cocked to the side, winked at him with her lady parts, and waited for him to get on with it and do his business.  My dad nudged my mom, to signal his readiness and to assess her firm stance response, before he mounted her from behind.  She said that overall, this was a satisfying experience for her, even though the whole act took less than one minute.  She especially liked it when my dad rose to the occasion, although she did get a bit jealous when she saw my dad mounting another pony just 10 minutes after they were done.  That is my dad for you, a stud that is able to charm the most difficult mare and then move on to the next.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #149, where the Image credit comes from Google.

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