Anatomy Class

1.What is carpal tunnel?
I heard this comes from masturbating too much, but I really wouldn’t know.

2. What is tennis elbow?
I hate to say this, but tennis elbow is also caused by jerking off too much.

3. What is a pulled muscle?
I have already answered this twice.

4. What is tinnitus?
I wasn’t sure about this, so I called the tinnitus hotline to find out, but it just kept on ringing.

5. What are crows feet?
My wife looked in that mirror and she was dejected saying, “My forehead is wrinkly, my nose and ears are giant, my lips are deflated, and my crow’s feet get larger every day! My collar bones are undefined, and my arms are flappy. My behind and my breasts are saggy, hanging down so far that they are almost touching the ground!  Honey can you please tell me something to make me feel better about myself.”  I replied, “Your eyesight is great!”

6. What are hammer toes?
This happens when Thor drops his hammer on your toes.

7. What is pink eye?
This is what you get when you cross a red eye and a white eye.

8. What is vertigo?
I think the bandleader Dizzy Gillespie suffered from this.

9. What are cataracts?
After my cataract surgery, I asked my doctor if I would be able to play the piano. She told me that I looked fine and that it should be no problem. I was amazed, because I’ve never played the piano before!

10. What is swimmer’s ear?
Can you please repeat that, I am not sure I heard the question correctly?

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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