Sweet Caroline

The spring became summer and Caroline was still missing, lost at sea, shipwrecked presumed to be drowned.  I searched relentlessly for her months on end, without letting up, or pausing for an instant, maintaining a persistent pursuit, while I still thought that she could be alive.  I took her out on a cruise on my 58-foot sailing yacht, and shortly after sailing into the ocean, we lost sight of the shore and became disoriented.  We did not know which way was home, so we started drifting further and further from land.  The sea can be an unforgivable place, as there’s no food, water, or shelter, and in every direction, the view is simply a glistening sheet of nothingness.  Worse yet is all of the dangerous predators that are lurking just beneath the depths.  You may wonder how in the heck can someone fall overboard on a ship, but going overboard is something that cannot be predicted, nor can it be stopped once in progress.

We hit a patch of rough water and the waves made our boat sway back and forth which cause Caroline to lose her balance.  Caroline being drunk at the time surely didn’t help matters.  The last thing I saw was her hand reaching out for me as the water took her.  I lowered a lifeboat and began to search for my love, but when I saw a group of sharks swimming around, I got back on the boat.  Times always seemed so good when we were together, and I enjoyed touching her just as much as she enjoyed touching me.  As I looked out at the night it seemed so lonely without her and I thought about her hands, touching my hands, reaching out, touching me, as I wanted to be touching her.  Sweet Caroline bah, bah, bah!

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #147, where the Image credit comes from Stromseeker @ Unsplash.

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