Wireless Speakers for Smartphone Playlists

Mobile technology lets us use our cell phones for many other things besides making calls and sending texts and music streaming has becoming a norm. Using a smartphone to stream music continues to become more popular. People love listening to their music on their smartphones and many people save their playlists on their device for offline playback. We pretty much have the ability to listen to anything, from anywhere. Most smartphones have not improved their sound quality, packing in just a single speaker, or allowing you to employ an earpiece, resulting in a sound that is often tinny and uneven, though at least has a stereo effect. Most listeners feel that audio is at the heart of the mobile experience and better smartphone speaker quality matters to them because they want something that they can play loud without distorting the sound. Smartphone manufactures like to boast about their devices’ big screens and their quality cameras, but they usually overlook sound quality, and this is where wireless speakers come into play.

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97% of Americans own some kind of a cellphone with 85% having a smartphone.  Fans are enjoying more music today than ever before, and people listen to music on their smartphones as much as they do on the radio.  People are spending an hour and a half of their time listening to music every day and many of them are using their phones to listen, but the audio quality is poor, so people are purchasing wireless speakers that integrate with their phones to get better sound.  These WiFi or Bluetooth speakers are portable and once they are connected to your home network you will be able to leave the room with your smartphone without stopping the music.  You simply connect multiple speakers in different rooms to each other via WiFi and an app on your smartphone.  People are taking their tunes with them where ever they go, using water-resistant speakers that feature a rechargeable…

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