Fun Words

1.What are you if you are Mabsoot?
Part of Israel Intelligence

2. What does it mean to nidificate?
You are having sex with a goat

3. What is a pabouch?
A person who worships cows

4. What is quab?
That is a long dark tunnel which leads to nowhere

5. What is tacenda?
This is the last note played in an opera

6. What does it mean to be ulotrichous?
This means you see unicorns in your dreams

7. What is waftage?
This happens when you keep eating Mexican food

8. What does it mean to yaff?
This is wearing the same clothes every day because you don’t have time to do laundry

9. What is to yuke?
This is talking on your phone while sitting on the toilet

10. What is zabaglione?
This is when a lion parties too much and the next say it is half in the bag

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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