Sex Den

When I found this disposable camera on the ground, I decided to get the photos developed at my local CVS Photo location.  They told me that the processing would only take a few hours and then I could come back and pick up the photos.  I went to pick up the developed pictures and the girl gave me a disturbing look, as all of these pictures were a bit unsettling.  She smiled at me and said, “Nice sex den.  It looks a lot like that bizarre place from the Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman movie Eyes Wide Shut.”  I was totally embarrassed, as I had watched that movie about the underground sex group that were into all sorts of perversions, but I smiled back at her and told her that the camera was not mine and that I just got the pictures developed, but I am not responsible for the content.  She said, “That could be risky, as if I saw kiddie porn, then I would be required to call the police.  I am new here and I had to look at all of the pictures, to make sure that they came out alright, but that one where the guy was having sex with the goat was beyond shocking.”

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge 243 where today she gave us two options and I went with Situation 1 where: Your character finds an old, disposable camera on the ground. They get the photos developed. What they see tells an unsettling story.

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