Lost in the Dark

‘Open My Eyes’ was written by Todd Rundgren and this song was released in 1968 on the Nazz eponymous debut album.  This song was on the B side on their record ‘Hello It’s Me’, which charted at #66 on the Pop Singles chart.  Nazz was a four-piece band from Philadelphia that featured a keyboardist named Stewkey Antoni who sang the lead vocals, Carson Van Osten who played bass guitar, and sang backing vocals, Thom Mooney on drums and Todd Rundgren who played electric guitar, sang backing vocals, and did string arrangements, along with mixing and he wrote nearly all of the band’s tunes.  ‘Open My Eyes’ was based a on a riff inspired by The Who’s ‘Can’t Explain’, with Stewkey playing organ and a first-generation Rhodes (an electric piano invented by Harold Rhodes) accompanied with Todd’s acid fuzz guitar, supported by Carson Van Osten’s rolling bass and Thom Mooney’s drums and bongos.

The lyrics are simple, but the music is very catchy.  This guy is lost in a haze till he sees the fire in this girl’s eyes.  His friends don’t think this girl is right for him, saying that she will dump him soon.  He never asked for their advice, and he is planning on sticking with her.  His soul is consumed with thoughts of this person that he can’t see a thing but the fire in her eyes.  Having fire in your eyes represents having passion or desire for someone that is so intense, it shows in your eyes.

Underneath your gaze I was found in
The haze I’m wandering around in
I am lost in the dark of my own room
And I can’t see a thing but the fire in your eyes

Clear my eyes, make me wise
Or is all I believe in lies
I really don’t know when or where to go
And I can’t see a thing ‘til you open my eyes

I’ve been told by some you’ll forget me
The thought doesn’t upset me
I am blind to whatever they’re saying
And all I can see is the fire in your eyes

Can’t believe that it’s on your mind
To leave me behind

Written for Thursday Inspiration #170 I Saw The Light

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