What a Wonderful Phrase

1.What is an abbozzo?
This is the guy you meet in the gym that is never wearing a shirt so he can show off by flexing his abbs.  At first, he seems like a nice enough guy that is until you start talking with him and then you realize that he is a complete bozo.

2. What does it mean to absquatulate?
This is when couples abstain from having sex during the weekdays.

3. What is a biggin?
I caught a fish the other day that was a real biggin.

4. What is a daedalist?
This is a list containing data of the celebrities that just died.

5. What is gamophobia?
This refers to a person that suffers from a compulsive gambling disorder and he wants to bet on every game.

6. What is a holm?
The two of us riding nowhere on our way back holm.

7. What is jettatura?
This is when you have an accident while you are jet skiing and you end up having you jaw wired shut, so you have to go on the atura diet which involves consuming only liquids.

8. What is a keffel?
This relates to Trump making up his own words again.

9. What is meant by labtebricole?
This is a side effect of having a lobotomy.

10. What is a lacuna?
This word comes from the Disney film The Lion King.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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