Six Years from Now

My Medicare benefits ran out, because democracy died the day that Trump won back the presidency and the whole world seems like it has been flushed down the toilet.  Russia has taken over most of Europe and China is now in charge of most of Asia.  Immigrants are no longer allowed into the United States and every citizen that wants to vote has to show proof that they own a gun.  Women, minorities and the gays have lost all of their former rights, as America is being made great again.  From my viewpoint, it doesn’t look so great, that is unless you are rich and getting all of the tax breaks that were recently instituted.  America is no longer divided, as it is against the law to speak against the president, and everyone must bend a knee when they invoke his name.  Everyone defends him and nobody will ever turn against him, because he instituted a total ban on abortions, and everyone knows that the previous election was stolen away from him.

I can’t stand the way the world has become, so I just took seven hits of acid and turned on the Doors song ‘The End’, to try and enjoy some mind-altering side effects and hopefully have a life changing experience.  I can picture my end and it is beautiful.  I am driving down this endless highway riding on a snake that is seven miles long.  The snake asked me if I would like to go faster, and I told him that we should try to set the world on fire.  The snake went faster and faster swallowing up everything in his path and I was lighting fires behind us trying to burn everything to the ground so we could start over again.  I started singing Billy Idol lyrics which I got all wrong, because I was so messed up on drugs.  I sang, “There is nothing good in this world and it is a nice day to start again.”  The snake swallowed up Trump, but he spit him out because of the nasty taste and then the red hatted MAGA people shot us with machine guns.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #176 which asks, “What will your last day on Earth be like?”

17 thoughts on “Six Years from Now

  1. 🤨 Gawd you scared me!! I now realize this was a story (I hope) and am relieved that urine colored moron isn’t back in control despite his posturing. in 2024 it’ll be interesting to see if he actually does seek election again. You are right about the puppet masters though, and the entitled greedy assholes that run things here now. I don’t like how things have changed much either. 🤔😏

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