Inappropriate Behavior During a Massage

In the three days since Richard had received the subpoena to testify at the trial, he frantically … erased all of his text messages.  Richard’s good friend Deshaun asked him what he does when he wants to relax, so Richard told Deshaun that he usually schedules a massage which always does the trick for him, reducing his pain and muscle soreness and removing all of his tension and this increases his relaxation.  Deshaun made an appointment for a massage, but he was sexually frustrated at the time and when he was getting his rub down, he undraped himself and then he requested a happy ending from his massage therapist.  The lady giving him a massage told him that she didn’t want to see or touch his genitals, and that made him furious, and he started humping the massage table.  The massage stopped at this point and the therapist left the room.  They gave him back his money and told him to never return to their establishment again.  This was the first of 24 civil lawsuits accusing Deshaun of a pattern of coercive and lewd behavior, and he has since settled 23 of the cases against him.  One therapist refused to settle, claiming that he groped her boobs and that he belongs behind bars.

Some men have little to no respect for women and they look at all of them like they are nothing more than playthings for their amusement.  If these men are rich and powerful like the former president, they usually get away with this having their fixers settle the problems.  These misogynist chauvinist pigs see the constant need to always put women down and this makes them feel better about their miserable lives.  These toxic men only think about themselves because they have no empathy for others.  Deshaun is a rich man, and his lawyer offered this massage therapist that didn’t settle a nice package, which she refused because Deshaun crossed boundaries making him a criminal, so the trial is set for today.  Richard was being called in as a character witness against his friend as he told the therapist that his friend is always attracted to beautiful women, and he usually just starts kissing them without waiting to get their permission.  He told her that Deshaun loves to grab women and do anything that he wants to them.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #57.

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