Zoom, Zoom

The pull of gravity is taking these three children down the hill, but they seem to be going totally out of control.  Karen the older sister thought if they had the proper weight distribution, that would allow them to go faster, so she decided to sit on the hood (or bonnet for those of you that live in the UK) of the red toy car, directly over the front wheels.  This was their third speed trial going down this hill and Karen had dreams of becoming a physicist, so she was testing out different placements of the weight to see which one made the greatest difference.  Her youngest brother Kyle wants to be a NASCAR driver when he grows up, so he is behind the wheel.  His favorite driver is Kyle Bush and his dad drinks Busch beer because it has a refreshingly smooth taste that’s crisp and cold as a mountain stream.  The middle brother Kevin volunteered to be the pusher, as he is the kind of guy that is always pushing boundaries and pushing the envelope, but he is not a drug pusher.

Karen told Kevin to make sure that he gave the car a good push this time and she said that he should think about delivering a baby and having an overwhelming urge to push it out.  She told him to trust his instincts and take a few deep breaths so he could gear up for pushing this baby out of the starting gate.  Karen told him that he has the hardest part, as once he let go, gravity would take over.  Kevin asked Karen and Kyle if they were ready as he lined up behind the car and when they gave him the signal, he started to push with everything he had.  Kevin shouted out, “It’s all downhill from here”, but for some unknown reason, he just couldn’t seem to let go of the car.  Gravity and momentum combined together so rapidly, as the car kept gaining speed going downhill.  Karen was loving it with her optimal view of what was going on from her spot on the hood and her hair being blown back in the wind.  Kyle was also enjoying the hell out of this ride, as he said, “I think we may be approaching a land speed record.”  Kevin was hanging off the back of the car parallel to the ground shouting, “Brakes, hit the brakes, before you kill everyone!”

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #178.

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