I Should Do More

I care about the world, but I have not done much to change it.  I have done some things that I am not proud of, but I think the good things that I have done in my life outweigh all of the bad things.  I used to donate blood before I was diagnosed with diabetes, but now I stopped doing that.  I always vote in Presidential elections, as I consider that a civic duty.  I served as a juror once on a trial.  When I was working on certain jobs, I took it as my responsibility to produce meeting minutes of what went on from my notes and I also created an agenda for the next meeting.  I volunteered to be the editor for the community newsletter for a whole year, till it became too boring and too much work and they have not had a newsletter since I quit.

I write on WordPress where I am known as A Unique Title For Me or newepicauthor and this is my attempt at doing some good for the world.  I am hoping to make the world more beautiful by voicing my ideas, thoughts, and feelings and I am currently hosting a few challenges.  I get the opportunity to connect and network with likeminded individuals who share my same passions and that means a lot to me.  Life can be a long, strange trip, the road ahead may have many twists and turns in it, and it could be filled with enormous potholes.  I write because I am old and I have experienced many different things, I have struggled through some hard times, and I think that I may be able to help others find answers to their problems.  I might be able to see things in a different light that many others won’t notice.  I know that it is not much and that I will probably never change the world, but at least I am doing something positive.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #90, where she asks us, “How are you changing the world.”

12 thoughts on “I Should Do More

  1. You’re doing a great job of changing the world, a little bit every day Jim with your actions. Even blogging brings change , specially when you write your well researched, informative posts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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  2. Oh I feel you, this old guy was once an 18 year old who was gonna change the world too. I have seen and been part of some changes in my part of the world – but I also see stuff happening that one would just hope would never happen again.

    You post a prompt each week that gives people like me a gap from the every day work. A space to laugh, cry, take a deep breath away from the serious stuff we have to do. Thank you, it means alot.

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