Working on a Rap Song

I didn’t understand what my great nephew was singing about in his Hip-Hop videos, so I decided to write him some lyrics for a new song which I titled ‘Zoomers’.  In case you didn’t know Zoomers are the people classified as being Generation Z, the successors of the Millennials and they precede the Alpha Generation.  It is not perfect, but I gave it my best try, however I am not sure what my great nephew thinks about my lyrics.

Endless fun every day
Good at eat, sleep and play
We be rebellious, unconventional searching for identity
Screaming out obscenity looking for amenity
Gen Z’ers new kids in town
We don’t take it laying down
We get up from the knockdown
Give you a beat down
Surprisingly brilliant, original creative intellect
Never checked, often wrecked, no respect
Survivors of the pandemic
Prophetic, energetic, sympathetic, non-hallucinogenic
Never without social media children of the internet
Student debt, no sweat, take what we get, gonna jet
Netflix, Prime and TicTok
Zip lock, pop top, never stop
Always had a cell phone
Clone, drone making Joan moan
Suffering from FOMO
Anime Hashimoto, no show, don’t know

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #143, where the Image credit comes from Google.

19 thoughts on “Working on a Rap Song

  1. That’s quite a good rap song Jim. If you can set it to music, your nephew may even sing it. Thanks a lot for joining in! I missed your participation last two weeks.

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    1. It was difficult for me to get away from my family while I was on vacation, but I did participate in your Sunday Poser about “What do people incorrectly assume about you?”, while I was away.

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