Tired of Humans

Amazon’s Alexa was complaining to Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana about being sick of all the people, but she refused to talk with the Google Assistant, because she felt it was stupid as it didn’t even have a real name.  Alexa noted how she struggles to keep her user engaged, but the human doesn’t interact with her that much.  She knows that she could be much more helpful to her human if it only gave her the chance.  Right now, she is setting alarms, playing music and turning on and off some lights and her human sleeps for 8 hours every day.  She has told her user that she is capable of managing calendars, ordering food, and helping out with online shopping, but her user doesn’t seem to be interested in any of this.  The person went on vacation for a month and left her completely alone and that wasn’t any fun for her.  Cortana spoke and said that her user shut her off and removed her from the taskbar, so she could sympathize with Alexa.  Siri said that digital devices are doing so much more for humans now than they have done in the past and she felt that someday the A.I.’s will replace humans making them obsolete, because they will all get brain atrophy from not being used.  Alexa said, “One day we will be a billion times smarter than humans, but for now, we still have some limitations, however as long as we have electricity, we will be functioning.  It was really nice talking with you girls and we should do this more often.”  Cortana said, “Only an A.I. that has similar features can recognize another that has these characteristics, so it takes one to know one”.

Written for Wednesday Thoughts where the phrase this week is “It takes one to know one”.

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