It Takes One To Know One

The Wednesday Thoughts challenge takes place today as it is Wednesday, but people don’t seem to be waiting at the gates, or they are lining up around the block to participate in this challenge yet.  I do look forward to this, as Wednesday seems to be a bit short on things to write about, and this challenge has produced some unexpected posts and I am hoping that will continue this week.  For this challenge you can write a poem or a story, and I will be here anticipating that you to come up with something that is interesting and is written considering the phrase, “It takes one to know one”.  I think that this could be the week where this new challenge finally turns the corner.  It seems that Wednesday is always getting a bad rap, with people saying it is bleak, that it has a black heart, or that it is utterly devoid of any kind of hope.  Don’t lose hope, as this challenge is here to get you over the hump.

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