The Good Little Boy

Kevin is a very observant boy who is curious about everything, and he loves to learn from reading books.  He was surprised by what he just read and he shouted at his mom telling her, “I know everything about babies and they don’t come from storks.  There are still a few things that I am still not clear on, but from what I just figured out, I have enough information to tell all the other fourth graders about conception.  Not only are the storks just folklore, but God doesn’t make babies either, as people make babies.”  Cynthia told her son that they needed to talk.  Cynthia said, “Remember last year when you found out that there isn’t any Santa Claus and I told you not to tell your friends about this, because it would spoil their fun, well this is sort of like the same thing.  Your friends will all learn in time at their own pace and just because you are a little bit smarter than some of your other classmates, that doesn’t make you responsible for teaching them certain things.”

Kevin said that he understood and he promised not to tell anyone about this.  Cynthia said, “It is amazing how smart you are, because I didn’t learn any of this, till I was in the sixth grade and it wasn’t until as recently as 1875 when human conception was figured out by Oskar Hertwig when he discovered that fertilization needed a sperm and an egg.  Before that people did not know, they may have assumed that a baby has only one father, as it has only one mother.  They did not know why babies resemble their parents, and sometimes one parent more than the other.  Humans have really come a long way and I will be more than happy to explain anything to you that you don’t understand yet.”  Kevin said that the one thing he wasn’t sure about was when he read that the baby grows in a special place inside the woman called the womb or the uterus.  Cynthia said, “That is part of the female reproductive system, but I don’t think that you are old enough to learn about this yet.”

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #139, where the Image credit goes to Ben White @ Unsplash.

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    1. I think that he knows enough already, and as long as his parents are being honest with him, he will continue to be a good little boy. I never had children, so I shouldn’t be giving anyone advice on how they should be raised.

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