Posting Something Old

This is a post that I wrote and published on June 17, 2017.  I put it in the category of Essay, and it got one like and no comments.  This is the 88th post that I wrote here on WordPress, and it was my third post of that day.  I am hoping that it does better this time around.  Originally it did not have the Bob Dylan song, but there ain’t no use in wondering why I put it in here now, because it is alright.

Still Wandering

I have wandered, but I have never been truly lost.  I have taken the road less traveled, I have made some wrong turns, encountered many bumps in the road along with some very nasty potholes and at times I even hit some dead ends.  Life has been a long, strange trip, but I was always able to rely on my own two feet, and eventually I found signs that put me back on my path, so I could either return home, or continue on my adventure.  I like to be happy as I think it is a much better option than being miserable.  I have accepted my past, knowing that it cannot be changed, so I live in the present having hopes about my future.  Achieving happiness requires people to go on with their lives and try to ignore or forget their remorse, misery and pain.  My positive attitude allows me to be happy.

I just checked my lottery ticket, and I did not even have one number that was any good, but I am still happy.  Loss is hard to deal with for many people, losing the lottery is just a fact of life for me and it is easy for me to accept.  It is said that the bereavement felt from losing a child is probably the worst journey that anyone will ever have to take, and this grief will last a lifetime.  I don’t know because I never had any children, and this again can be a real sad event for any woman that is barren or any couple that has difficulty conceiving a baby.  For me happiness comes easy, as I am not hurting and although I have some medical issues, I do wake up every day and manage to put a smile on my face.  I am not a complete idiot that can’t help smiling, but for the most part I am content.

I have had some bad relationships and from this I have learned how to better avoid drama, trouble and craziness.  Some people have horrible demons inside of them, they are depressed, dysfunctional and constantly filled with grief.  I am uncertain whether or not my glass is half empty or half full, but I know that my brain is working, so I don’t let myself become miserable over things that I can control.  I have learned to deal with problems and my motto is that things could always be worse.  I know the story of Job and that Satan did many things to him that were not fair, but amazingly he was able to live with his pain.  Thus, being happy is just a mental state where a person is able to make a go at life in spite of pain.

Written for Fandango’s Friday Flashback.

21 thoughts on “Posting Something Old

  1. I go along with accepting the past and living in the present with hope about the future. The way things are at the moment, the future looks pretty bleak, but we are doing OK. We have each other and share a good life. It’s a good post Jim. Thanks for sharing it.

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  2. Different journeys, obviously, but I can relate very much to this, I think life is a learning and weaving. Love that last line, sums up my view too.

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  3. Wonderful post and one worth bringing back around, Jim! This reminds me of a quote “You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis

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  4. I kind of miss not having kids of my own too Jim but I’m spoilt with having several nieces and nephews.
    I liked the old b/w video of images of the London underground etc. At the moment there’s both a rail strike and a plane strike going on over here. It’s chaos!

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    1. The video does give you a great look at the UK. I also enjoyed my nephews, but when I left their house at the end of the day, I was always tired and happy that I was able to rest at home.

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