Two Missing Boys

The parents contacted the police when their sons didn’t come home last night.  Bobby Smith and Timmy Jones were best friends for their whole lives, and they loved being out on the water whenever they got a chance.  The Smith’s and the Jones’ both filed a missing person’s report, hoping that someone could go out and search for their boys.  They told the police that the boys were last seen in a red motorboat that was anchored near a quay.  The police officer was not familiar with the meaning of the word quay, so they told him that it is like a wharf, and then they showed him a picture of the boat where it was docked.  The police officer looked over the picture and he asked if that was a coconut floating in front of the boat.  Mr. Smith got mad and said, “I guess that you haven’t you ever seen a mooring buoy before, as this is a floating device that connects to the anchor and marks the place where the boat is moored.”  The officer said that he just moved to Key West and that he has not spent much time on the water before.  Then he said that he could call the Coast Guard and have them keep an eye out for the boys.

Bobby’s sister Judy Smith spoke up and told everyone that she heard the boys talking about going to Cuba for a concert.  Mr. Jones said that the boys wouldn’t be stupid enough to do anything like that and the little boat would be able to hold enough gas to get them there.  Judy said that the boys told her that there may be some sunken treasure around here and that it is possible they are out looking for that, as they showed her a map.  Mr. Jones told Judy that the boys were probably just teasing her, and he was pretty sure that they went out fishing, but he is worried that something might have happened to the boat.  He said that the boat was equipped with a Very High Frequency (VHF) Marine Radio just in case something happened while it was out at sea, but since they have not heard a word from the boys, he feels that may have broken down also.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #138, where the Image credit goes to Saffu @ Unsplash.

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