At the Beach

People got tired of hearing others complaining and saying, “Life’s a bitch”, so the phrase “Life is a beach” was born.  When you are on a beach, you usually have sand, sun, water, and beautiful people in bathing suits, so what is not to like about beaches.  When you go to the beach, it is usually a nice warm day where you can relax and have fun splashing about in the water.  People do all types of fun things at the beach and when I was younger, I used to love going to the beach.  The beach is often very crowded, and it can be an expensive day if you have to pay for parking and for admission to get on to the beach.  You could run into a lot of rude people on the beach that will kick sand on you while you are trying to relax, or they will play their awful music way too loud.  They will toss their rubbish any place they want, instead of walking to the garbage can.  Most beaches don have changing areas, or places where you can shower off after you are done, so now you are stuck being in a wet bathing suit and sand might be inside of it, which is irritating.

I have mixed feelings about beaches now, as it is so much easier to just jump into my backyard pool than it is to drive for an hour to get to the beach.  Some people let their kids run wild on the beach and I don’t blame the kids for having bad parents, but it is not my job to watch them.  The beach is basically a play area, but that does not mean these parents can take their children there and just ignore them the whole time.  Do something fun with your kids, build a sandcastle as nothing is more fun than digging around in the sand.  You can show them how to collect seashells, see how many different colors, different sizes and different types of shells you can find.  Don’t let your kids ruin everyone else’s day, just because you are too lazy to play with them.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #84, where she asks us, “Do you love going to the beach/seaside in Summer?”

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      1. Its just common sense to train the new generation better so that as they grow up, they are a positive addition to the society and to the family.

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  1. I agree completely with your point about parents. I was lucky that my parents encouraged me to play rather than just run around and that they would often join in.

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  2. I remember the interior of my dad’s car would be covered in sand after myself and my four siblings would clamber in the back seat after being on the beach for several hours. Sometimes, our gran and her dog travelled with us!

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