Three Things

I am not writing this post to petition your sympathy, as my issues are of little importance, which seem trivial and you might call them petty, but some crazy things are happening.  First the refrigerator stopped making ice, which I use a lot in my drinks and now I have to make my own cubes, which is much more inconvenient than using the automatic ice maker.  The repairman will be here on Wednesday, so I won’t have to wait much longer for that.  A bigger problem is with the kitchen sink which started leaking over the weekend and I had to stop using it.  A kitchen is so much less when it doesn’t have a sink, so I called the plumber over here to take a look at it.  He said the old faucet was shot, so I had to go out and get a new one and he will be back later to install it.  I did mention three things and the third is these headaches that I just started getting.  I have lived my whole life relatively headache free, but now I seem to be getting them every other day, ever since I had that problem with my tooth.  I think that I may be grinding my teeth at night and that is why I am getting these headaches now.  I do have a dentist appointment at the end of July, but I am not sure that I can hold out that long.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve and for Di’s Three Things Challenge #986 where the prompt words are Petty, Petition and Crazy.

19 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. Sorry to hear about your headaches Jim. Could be grinding your teeth, but apparently you can buy a tooth shield to help. Otherwise it could be something you’re eating, maybe peanuts and too much salt? Just a thought. I had migraines and cluster headaches when I was working, and one of the triggers was fresh oranges. Ice packs on my forehead helped though so I hope your ice maker’s working OK now.

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    1. It is not an unbearable pain, but I have never had the headaches before, so this is something that I could clearly do without. Thanks for your concern and your suggestions Di.

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  2. We had to get a new refrigerator not long ago because the ice maker quit working, and the whole thing wasn’t cooling much. We were several days without, which was awful.
    Hope your headaches ease up soon.
    That video was so funny! 🙂

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