Tempting Fate

Since it is Wednesday, the Wednesday Thoughts challenge is back.  This is a challenge where you can do what you want to do, or be what you want to be, but you are encouraged to use the theme which is “tempting fate” for this week and write a poem or a story, or whatever you like.  Express your thoughts, feelings or opinions.  Stories don’t just write themselves, as writing is a process, although once you start, your story may come to life, as your characters pop into existence.  Try to come up with an idea, and then institute a plan so you can effectively convey your writing, allowing other people to comprehend what you are writing.  Open up and be articulate, be creative and try to produce something of value.  You can respond in the comments section below, or you could write your own post and create a pingback to my Wednesday Thoughts challenge post.  If everything that you ever do is tempting fate, then should you live your life with the attitude that it is always better to be safe than to end up sorry?